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An Easy Way to Give Back...

Look out or ask about the BLUE cocktails in bars and restaurants around Cayman. $1 from the sales of these drinks is donated to the Blue Iguana Recovery Foundation and the CCMI marine institute in the Cayman Islands.

Have you had a blue cocktail lately? Probably not!

There's no reason a blue drink can't be a good one and we think it's high time we had a little more fun with cocktails, whilst giving something back.

Cayman Cocktail Week 2016 will launch the BringBackBlue charity in the Cayman Islands and we're all looking forward to it. Over 20 bars and restaurants have agreed to create their own blue drinks and, I'm not going to lie, I'm excited to try them all! (Probably over the course of a few days or weeks obviously!)

Look out for our opening event at Royal Palms on October 21st and join us for a (blue) cocktail or two.


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