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Ever watched 'Chopped' the TV show?

Ever watched 'Chopped' on the Food Network? Like it, love it, seen them all?

Well have I got something fun for you! We created our own cocktail-chopped a couple years ago called 'Muddled' and we're planning it again this October 6th!

The basic rules are:

Each competitor must create a cocktail using our basic spirits pantry, our basic food pantry and 2 or 3 mystery items delivered to their station. The items might include 1 or 2 food or drink ingredients and maybe even a kitchen implement they have to make use of.

All the mystery ingredients must be used and points are deducted if the ingredient can't be identified in the drink (I wanna taste those pickled anchovies!)

The more creative the better!

Think of ingredients you would never expect to find in your cocktail - plum sauce, ketchup crisps, IrnBru, Magnum Tonic Wine, dried shrimp! It's easy to understand why shopping for this stuff is my favourite part of the event. I also get to be the lucky person to deliver the covered boxes on the night and see the shocked faces of our poor bartenders as they struggle to think of how they are going to use Garam Masala in a cocktail.

We usually host around 10 bartenders from all over Cayman at Barolo Lounge and it's a fun, rowdy night, played for a nice bottle and bragging rights by competitors. The bar is open in between rounds and our industry judges have the dubious honour of tasting all the crazy cocktails throughout the night.

Muddled is our opening event, kicking off the cocktail-centric month of October with a bang! Come join us and marvel at really how talented our bartenders are. Maybe I'll even give you a sip of my peanut butter margarita... ;)

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