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It's Dinner, but not as you know it...

It's our 4th Cayman Cocktail Week this year and it's our 4th Agua Cocktail dinner too and it's safe to say that every year the dinner gets better. It's almost at the point where just coming up with a theme that we think is good enough is a 2 month mission! SO if you like a little bit of history and fun with your dinner, as well as more than your fair share of amazing cocktails then this is the event for you. Every year we go as far as we can to wow our guests and I can assure you it's worth the price tag - you wouldn't get a seat at a dinner like this for less than $250 in the States that's for sure!

Last year we did an ode to Ernest Hemingway where each course was based on a different part of his life and different novel; he was quite the cocktail enthusiast if you didn't already know. The year before was called 'Ciao Bella' where we delved into all thing delightfully Italian and our first year was the 'Black and White Movie Classic Cocktail Dinner' (pictured above).

THIS year (drum roll please) we'll be all singing, all dancing (all eating and drinking!) in New Orleans! Think Mardi Gras, creole, jazz, Sazeracs, French Quarter and even voodoo...

We played around with a couple of other ideas for this dinner but a Big Easy Cocktail Dinner just sounded too good. I'm thinking about buying Mardi Gras masks for every place setting and we're going to try and find a band to jazz up the welcome cocktails on the patio. There are so many cocktails that originate from New Orleans; the place is just awash with good booze and good food.

I'm going to leave you with a few memories from our last three years as I have to go and create at least 90 handmade menus and purchase Mardi Gras beads. :) Enjoy...

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