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Let's Learn about Spirits

I've worked in the "Beverage Division" at Jacques Scott for 9 years now and learning about our brands is a lot more interesting than perhaps I ever imagined it would be. The history of alcohol is immense. For better or worse it's been around for thousands of years.

Side Note: I just Googled 'oldest booze brands' and it turns out there is a Japanese family who have been in charge of their family sake brand for...870 years! Two other examples are brands that I represent; Bushmills Irish Whiskey (1608 - officially licensed) and Mount Gay rum (1703). Their history is long and INTERESTING - pirates, fires, remembered in novels, sipped by Kings and taken to war.

It's obviously that you're all a bit interested too. Our workshops and brand experiences are always the first to sell out these days.

This year we're doing gin for the second time (in 2015 GIN was the new black!) but BIGGER! Anchor & Den with their infinate hipster style are creating a gin experience that mixes cocktail culture with a bit of history. A walk through time, punctuated with Tanqueray cocktails that hail from different eras of drinking and food that pairs. Also, a hands on botanicals session with Tanqueray Master Distiller himself, Terry Fraser. This is the kind of event I wish other people held so that I could go and not have to DO ALL THE WORK!

Expect an evening of themed cocktail stations featuring different Tanqueray styles and food pairings with each one (fingers crossed for fish & chips!). Make your own gin to take home and learn a thing or two about the old dutch courage from the best in the business.

Come tip your top hat at old Charles Tanqueray with us!

If you're interested in tickets for this event, you can purchase them at:

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