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Tonight we... Tanqueray!

We're headlining one of my very favourite gins ever this year! TANQUERAY!

Not only will we be sipping on G&Ts like Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart but we'll be doing this with Terry Fraser, Master Distiller of Tanqueray and Gordon's gin himself.

Here's a lovely picture of him so you'll know him when you see him!

The man with the (GIN) plan...

We'll be seeing the return of the Tanqueray Green Room, aka the Tanqueray Soul Takeover at a new venue as usual. Think Aretha Franklin and sweet soul music on a Friday night with signature gin cocktails and Fever Tree G&Ts all round. A real simple and feel good event!

You can expect to see a few big Tanqueray/GIN themed events as well this year. There'll be a 'Meet the Distiller' session, giving you a chance to chat with Terry about all things gin and maybe even get a bottle of Tanqueray No. TEN or Gordon's signed.

If you're a bartender then you can expect a full on tasting and training session. As usual, get in early with your RSVP as it will be limited space.

Our main Tanqueray event is still being confirmed but I can say that it will be VERY popular. The first people to know will always be our website mailing list however so if you've subscribed, you're ahead of the game. :)

Feel free to email me for more info (if I have it!!)

Looking forward to seeing you GIN lovers and

soul seekers out and about this October.

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