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Bring Back Blue

It's our 4th year and we felt like we should start trying to incorporate something meaningful for our islands during Cayman Cocktail Week. AND SO I give you, Bring Back Blue, a charity organization centered around the fun of blue cocktails and benefiting the Blue Iguana Recovery Foundation and the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI). SO look out or ask about the BLUE cocktails around Cayman. We have around 20 bars involved and $1 from the sales of each of these blue drinks is donated half and half to our 2 charities.

Bring Back Blue is the brainchild of Jacques Scott's own, very talented brand ambassador and cocktail extraordinaire, Simon Crompton. Some of you may know him from behind the bar at Agua or even at Barjack at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. He'll be running the Cayman Marathon in December with a troop of industry staff to raise further funds for his charities and I we'll all be out to support him!

Simon Crompton, Diageo Brand Ambassador at Jacques Scott.

Most of us haven't had a blue drink lately (probably since the 80's if you were on the bar scene then) but there's nothing to say that a blue drink can't be a great one. We're using our Cocktail Week menus to launch this idea and hopefully you'll see it carry on into the future. Who knows - maybe one of our blue drinks will become your new favourite!

Drink up! Let's give something back.

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