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Let me plan your night out!

This week has been menu week for me in the office. I've produced special menus with signature cocktails for over 20 of our amazing bars and restaurants in Cayman so far and I still have a few to catch up with. Our idea is to have new and exciting cocktails popping up all over Cayman and available to YOU, the public, for the whole month of October.

Cayman Cocktail Week menus

But wait a sec, isn't it Cocktail Week, not Cocktail Month?

I get this question quite regularly and the answer is YES it's a week BUT we try and have menus out for the whole month to give everyone a chance to try some lovely cocktails and to help advertise all our great events during Cocktail WEEK! I never meant it to be this confusing but still, we soldier on :)

SO!! I know all about what cocktails are where and why... Let me plan your night out!

Let's start by doing something nice for our island so we can feel all warm and fuzzy right from the get-go...

This delicious looking cocktail is the Bring Back Blue cocktail at The Marriott's Anchor & Den restaurant. It's name is 'Charles Gone Blue' and whilst you won't find it on the list until Monday, you can go in and give them a subtle wink wink nudge nudge and they'll know what you're talking about. $1 of the price will go halvsies to the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme and the CCMI for ocean conservation.

Now how about watching the sunset and sipping the perfect gin martini?

This would be the Smoked Martini at Grand Old House and features Botanist gin (yum) and a whisk of Johnnie Walker Black Label for the smokiness. Ask Nino to shake one up for you.

Shall we have one final cocktail? Sure...

Jump in a cab or get your designated driver to take you all up to Icoa Fine Foods for the most ridiculously addictive pork buns and pair them with a Vietnamese Delight using Ketel One vodka (my favourite vodka easily).

There you go - a perfectly delightful evening, courtesy of me.


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