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Quentin Tarantino... A Cocktail Dinner?

I'm not sure we've ever had an event that I've been more geekily excited about than this upcoming dinner. This is the sort of Cocktail Week event where some of us say 'Do you think this will be a bit too out there?' and then we GO AHEAD ANYWAY because we're all so excited!

Without giving too many surprises away, we've been working on our main course which I think is going to be a Big Kahuna Burger or a Royale with Cheese but

Agua-fied of course. I'm expecting Chef Jonathan to come up with the most deliciously insane gourmet burger and maybe some duck-fat fries because... why not!

Cocktail-wise we have so many ideas it's getting silly!

$5 shakes are a must so we're talking through mini-Zacapa rum or Bulleit Bourbon shakes! Mr. Pinks to sip on while we play the Tarantino soundtracks on the patio perhaps? Maybe even a Five Point Palm Exploding Heart punch...mmmmmmm.

If you're umming and aaahing over this dinner I would say GO and mostly because I'm spending every night at home making Bad-Mother-F*$!er wallets for our menus and I actually can't wait to see them in action. Also go because, for the price, it's totally worth it.

Here's a couple of pics of our last few dinners to get you in the mood...

Call the guys at Agua to book in early so that we have a good idea on numbers and can make this event AMAZING! 949-2482

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