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Getting Gin-spired with Soul Music

So it turns out that our favourite thing is to sip Tanqueray cocktails whilst listening to James Brown and Aretha Franklin in a garden setting. Check it out, we're doing our Secret Garden Pop-Up again this Friday at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman!

Amba Lamb from Seven Restaurant & cocktail queen extraordinaire (in my photo above) has created a couple of signature cocktails and we're loving the Fever Tree tonics in the

Tanqueray No. TEN G&Ts! Think fun and friendly Friday night, dancing around to amazing music that you probably haven't heard in ages and sipping on some super Ritzy cocktails at great prices! If your drink is slow coming it's probably because the bartenders are dancing too much. I'll sort it out, no worries.

You can find us outside Seven Restaurant and tucked behind the towel hut in a little gem

of a secret garden at the Ritz. Come join us for a happy hour beverage!

Like my signs? A little home-made never hurt anyone. :)

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Soul Garden if you miss this one! Or just don't miss it...

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