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I Believe in a Thing called RUM!

We have some brilliant rum events for you this year! I've listed some details on 3 of my favourites further down if you're just SEARCHING for some fun things to do in October ;)

Rum is pretty ubiquitous in the Caribbean and most of us who grew up here probably feel a special connection with the spirit. I know I remember my mum drinking Appleton and gingers at Sunset House or Driftwood and when I was old enough I enjoyed them too! Now, even if I'm half way across the world, if I sip on a VX (Appleton Signature Blend now) and Ginger, it tastes like home.

I'm excited to be hosting a real RUM-fest this year at Cocktail Week with our home-town, almost-local favourite, Appleton Estate from Jamaica and our much-loved, sweeter-sipping Zacapa Rum from Guatemala. We must have won the guest lottery too as BOTH Joy Spence and Lorena Vasquez are joining us!

 I'm still finalizing some of our events so you certainly haven't seen them all yet even if you've browsed the events section of the website. My three top picks would have to be (in no particular order:

1. Our Annual workshop at the Ritz! This year we're running a Zacapa 'Good Old Fashioned' Workshop. We'll be learning, tasting and making Zacapa rum cocktails with the dynamo that is Lorena Vasquez, Zacapa Master Blender. We try and make our workshops super hands-on and fun. It's a smaller group so make sure to purchase a ticket early if you are keen on going. Here's a piccie from last year's Don Julio Tequila 'Agave to Glass' workshop...

2. The Appleton Estate 'Dinner With Joy' event at the Kimpton Seafire's Ave Restaurant. This event is as yet unadvertised as we finish up the details but expect a superb evening of music, dinner, cocktails and rums, led by Ave's own chefs and Joy Spence herself. We'll also be tasting Joy Spence's own special blend called 'Joy' which is only available at the distillery itself and from Jacques Scott in Cayman! The price will be around $85 all in and is a BARGAIN for what's included. Come rub shoulders with rum's elite! I'll be annoucing tickets for this soon...

3. Our big Agua cocktail dinner will be held at their new location in Camana Bay! This year's event won't be skimping on the fun details. We're putting the last pieces together for a celestial extravaganza of beautiful, wow-factor cocktails and ingenius dinner items. Now technically this isn't a full on rum themed event as our menu will feature all sorts of wonderful spirits form the World Class collection BUT Lorena Vasquez will be a guest of honour and there's sure to be some delicious Zacapa making it's way round the room!

Again, details on this will be posted in the coming days, so keep you eyes peeled! Here's some peeks into our previous year's Agua Cocktail Dinners:

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